Type & Typography · 2003

Highlights from Matrix 1–20, the Review for Printers and Bibliophiles.
Mark Batty Publisher, 2003.

Satz aus der Comenius, Zapf Renaissance and Gill Sans.
Umfang: XX Seiten, 2 Blätter, 374 Seiten, 1 Blatt (mit zahlreichen Abbildungen).
Format: 20 x 28,5 cm.
Inhalt: Offsetdruck.

Vorzugsausgabe: 11 Exemplare als goldgeprägter Halblederband (im Schuber mit Portfolio-Mappe enthaltend zahlreiche Druckproben und Beigaben) mit marmoriertem Bezugspapier.



  • John D. Berry: Introduction
  • John Randle: The Genesis of Matrix.
  • Brooke Crutchley: Logic, Lucidity, and Mr Morison.
  • John Dreyfus: The Typographical Importance of Maximlien Vox.
  • Sebastian Carter: Victor Hammer.
  • Christopher Skelton: Eric Gill’s Typography Examined.
  • Sebastian Carter: The Types of Jan van Krimpen.
  • Jan van Krimpen: On Preparing Designs for Monotype Faces.
  • Dan Carr: Making a Visible Spirit: Cutting the Regulus Punches by Hand.
  • Alan Dodson: A Type for All Seasons.
  • Justin Howes: The Compleat Caslon.
  • Sebastian Carter: Type for Books, and Books for Type.
  • Brooke Crutchley: Types for Books at Cambridge, 1923–45.
  • James Mosley: Eric Gill and the Golden Cockerel Type.
  • Christopher Sandford: A Note on the Golden Cockerel Type.
  • Roderick Cave: Saving Face – the ITC Golden Cockerel Type.
  • Paul Luna: Two Oxford Bible Types.
  • Fiona Ross and Graham Shaw: An Unexpected Legacy, and its Contribution to Early Indian Typography.
  • Dermot McGuinne: The Colum Cille Irish Type.
  • J.F. Coakley: The Oxford University Press and Robert Proctor’s Greek Types.
  • Peter Foden: John Johnson and the Treyford Type.
  • Sebastian Carter: Letters are Things – The Wood-engraved Initials of Eric Gill.
  • Peter Foden: Bishop Fell’s Overlooked Bequest in the OUP Museum.
  • Michael Johnson: Borders and Swelled Rules Designed by Edward Bawden for the Oxford University Press.
  • Mark Arman: A Collection of Printers’ Flowers.
  • David Bethel: Creating Printer’s Flowers.
  • Stan Nelson: Cutting a New Music Type.
  • Sister Valerie Cryer: The Setting of Plainchant.
  • David Wishart: The Printing of Mathematics.
  • Sebastian Carter: Some Notes on teh Design of Poetry.
  • Glenn Storhaug: On Printing Poetry Aloud.
  • Philip Gallo: How Far the Abracadabra.
  • Richard Kennedy: Sans Serif.
  • Glenn Storhaug: ›Seems to See with his FIngers‹ – the Printing of Joyce’s Ulysses.
  • Adela Spindler Roatcap: El Lissitzky 1914–1924 – ›Prouns‹ to ›Die Kunstismen‹.
  • Colin Banks: Edward Johnston and Letter Spacing.
  • Jerry Kelly: The Dust-jacket Designs of Hermann Zapf.
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